something really happened to me,

yes, something really happened to me

when i could not describe whereas there were so many words, gathering in my mind, filling my heart with millions questions:

What happened to me?

yes, what happened?


I looked at the sky; it was blue as before

i looked at the trees; they were green as yesterday

i looked at my mom; she was cheerful as she always be

i looked at my room; it was tidy as tidy as usual


so, what was wrong?


then i looked at the mirror

seeing that face, with a really gloomy in her eyes,

little wet and red inside

God, was that tear?

was that….?


something really happened to me

yes, now i remember that

you know, so many kinds of memories attacked me at once

that was just because of disappointment

then, i began to compared it with the previous when i got the better thing.

I wouldn’t have that disappointment if i had been still there.

oh…that was a really really and really messy thinking.


something really happened to me

yes, now i realize one

i am waiting for the “one”

but who has come only some wrong people


something really happened to me

and i am gonna swear for that:

— no tears, more…



in my silent room, on Thursday night